The plenary session will be followed by a choice of 20 informative seminar sessions featuring case studies from across the public sector, presented by experts from both public and private sectors.

Please see below for more details of the plenary and seminars…


Agenda – plenary and seminars

Tuesday 19th November 2019, Manchester Central, Manchester M2 3GX


09:30 – 10:45 Plenary session

Chair, Georgina Maratheftis, Head of Local Public Services, techUK

John Jackson, CEO, London Grid for Learning

Nadira Hussain, Director of Leadership Development & Research, Socitm

Phil Swan, Chief Information Officer and Digital Strategy Lead, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Rachel Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Difrent

Stephen Dobson, Chief Digital Officer, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Ian Fishwick, Chairman, AdEPT Technology Group

Following the Chair’s welcome and a presentation from each speaker the plenary session will end with Q&A, giving attendees the chance to ask questions and promote discussion on the issues which are of most importance to them.

Seminar Theatre One – Turing 

11:30 Seminars begin (20 minutes each)

A series of 20 minute seminars on a range of subjects including but not limited to:

11:30 Managing risk in a multi-service environment
As the role of technology continues to increase across the public sector, so too can risk. In a multi-service environment where choice can seem exponential, decisions of preferred supplier and preferred technology can have a huge impact on deployment and economic risk.

Our mission is to unite technology and inspire people. In this seminar our Chief Commercial Officer will talk through watchwords and pitfalls of supply chain management and how we help public sector organisations to navigate through the complexities of technology, economic and deployment risk.
Tim Scott, Chief Commercial Officer, AdEPT Technology Group

12:00 Why is my spend on digital projects so high?
Software build and deployment experts will explain how to identify if your digital programme could be running out of control. They will demonstrate how they have harnessed the power of automation and open source in some of the largest public sector digital programmes to ensure developers have maximum autonomy over project delivery whilst reducing wasted project spend and minimising digital tech debt.
Tim Lawrence, Head of Services, UKCloud
Lewis Marshall, SRE and Tech Evangelist, Appvia

12:30 Technology procurement made simple
A simple guide on how to buy technology, whether you are an experienced procurement expert or new to technology procurement. From technology innovations to telecoms, cloud hosting and software, to services and hardware, to give you a complete solution.
Peter Kirwan, Deputy Director – Technology Products and Services, Crown Commercial Service

12:50 – 13:50 lunch break

13:50 How to achieve productivity gains in the modern workplace
Hear how customers realise the benefits of a digital workspace strategy ensuring reduction in complexity, simplified operations and improved user experience. All this is acheived while maintaining standards and compliance.
Speakers from Cancom Software Group

14:20 Cyber and security
Protecting your IT estate
Sal Uddin, Category Director – Software and Cyber Security, Crown Commercial Service

14:50 Beyond PSN
With public sector organisations under increasing pressure to meet Internet First and Cloud First policy standards, they risk losing the security and dependability of the Public Services Network (PSN).

How can you be sure you’re ready for the Future Network for Government (FN4G) programme when so much of it seems incompatible with the PSN model?
Answering that question may be easier (and cheaper) than you think.
Because something has changed. And it’s going to impact everything.
Keith Smith, Business Development Manager, Virgin Media Business

15:20 Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s digital transformation story
Join us for an exclusive Q&A with Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s Service Desk Manager, on how they introduced a new service desk platform which went on to achieve an incredible adoption rate of 60%. We’ll delve into how they created a business case, tips for a winning implementation strategy and insights on how the Manchester based council fostered collaboration and agent productivity.
Simon Johnson, General Manager, Freshworks UK&I
Dan Hollands, Service Desk Manager, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

15:40 Seminars end

Seminar Theatre Two – Rutherford

11:45 Seminars begin (20 minutes each)

A series of 20 minute seminars on a range of subjects including but not limited to:

11:45 Multi-supplier delivery for agile development
Emilia Cedeno, Enhancing Capability Lead, Crown Commercial Service
Rachel Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, difrent

12:15 Building the connected UK Government
The fourth industrial revolution has resulted in major disruption across the public sector. Today, UK citizens demand seamless and efficient interactions with government as well as access to services wherever and whenever. Such demands call for a truly connected UK Government. If government is to provide such a service to citizens and employees, a new approach is needed. Join us to learn:

  • How departments can provide safe and secure access to data across their ecosystem, creating seamless citizen and employee experience
  • How a reusable IT infrastructure can increase project delivery by up to 4x
  • How the UK Government can increase productivity by up to 250%

This will include a case study of one of our biggest clients.
Craig Bailey, Public Sector Transformation Consultant, MuleSoft

12:45 A new way of working for the UK Public Sector
Today’s workers are facing a universal challenge – one of alignment.

Creating clarity, cohesion, and in the best cases, an agility which allows for ongoing transformation in the face of ever-changing conditions is what modern organisations are striving for.

In this session you’ll hear how we are creating a fundamental shift in how people approach work and we will share specific examples of how we are helping public sector clients achieve alignment and agility.
Jonathan Marriott, Enterprise Accounts Lead, Slack

13:05 – 14:05 lunch break

14:05 5G – an exploration of what it will enable
Why is 5G so exciting? Quite simply, 5G tears up the rulebook, transforming how technology works, and creating more opportunities than ever before. Hear more about the exciting possibilities for public sector organisations.
Peter Vernon – Head of Networks, North, Vodafone UK

14:35 Public Cloud Adoption – it’s more than just the technology
We have been working with HMPPS (Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service), ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency), DfE and DWP leading and delivering on public cloud adoption over the last few years. We want to talk about the real-world challenges departments face from developing new digital services through to migration of critical national IT and creating a sustainable in-house development team and live service capability.

This seminar will focus on our experiences within HMPPS where we have been instrumental in migrating probation services to AWS and running and expanding Prison IT on Azure.
Stephen Strudwick, Head of Technical Architecture, Talent International

15:05 Smart buildings
The two biggest costs facing UK Public Sector organisations are people and buildings. The question from Estates and Facilities is “how can we maximise building efficiency?” The answer is is using technology as the enabler for smarter buildings. A recent response from HPE Aruba to a central government department was “we can get more people into fewer buildings”.
Simon Burton, Territory Manager, HPE Aruba Networks

15:35 Dealing with key suppliers
Sal Uddin, Category Director – Software and Cyber Security, Crown Commercial Service
Ieuan Trigger, Deputy Director – Network Services, Crown Commercial Service

15:55 Seminars end 

SME Theatre 

11:30 Seminars begin (20 minutes each)

A series of 20 minute seminars on a range of subjects, full details coming soon:

11:30 Your people are not the problem: How to adopt a culture of continuous learning within your organisation
How often do you hear the phrases “we’re struggling to attract the right talent” or “we don’t have the right people”? What would you say if we said the right people are already working in your organisation right now?

Come and learn about how we work with public sector clients (such as Office of National Statistics) to embed a culture of ongoing learning that enables them to experiment with, and adopt, new technologies, techniques and processes – whilst also achieving current objectives.
Benedict Steele, Consultant, Armakuni

12:00 The future is Connectivity as a Service
Hear about the benefits of using CaaS for some of the businesses you use every day and learn why, although your network has been the same for a while, it doesn’t mean it is the best solution for you or your organisation.  Discover through a case study example how to remove the responsibility, administration and upfront costs of your connectivity, to give you time to worry about the important things.
Neal Harrison, MD, Convergence Group

12:30 Augmented duality: Enabling AI & Automation in the public sector
In this seminar James will take us through the Robotic Process Automation lifecycle from start to finish. James will show us how RPA can target key areas and challenges in the public sector, as well as how to measure the success of the new technology.
James Young, Head of ICT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture, Cantium Business Solutions

12:50 – 13:50 lunch break

13:50 Intelligent street lighting: lighting the way for Smart Cities
When smart cities are the topic of discussion, the focus tends to be on traffic. However, moving people from place to place is only one element of how people experience and use urban infrastructure. Aberdeen wanted to explore innovative uses of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve many aspects of city life – perhaps less visible than traffic, but just as important to both citizens and the city’s finances. Mark will be presenting the Smart City Blueprint and share how how the City of Aberdeen has reduced energy consumption by up to 70% with Intelligent Street Lighting.
Mark Lowe, Business Development Director, Pinacl Solutions

14:20 De-risking integration: How ICaaS is transforming connectivity
Integration Connectivity as a Service (ICaaS) is providing a new route to connectivity. Delivering substantial cost and time savings, ICaaS offers a scalable, low-code cloud-based approach to integration that can be deployed almost instantly. Understand how ACAS have deployed and are enjoying the benefits of the ICaaS approach to integration.
Graham Woods, Director, W3P Smarter Integration

14:50 Transforming citizen engagement with trusted mobile interactions
As citizens increasingly use digital technologies in their daily lives government and public services also need to undergo a digital transformation in order to deliver information quickly and effectively. Trusted mobile communications enable public sector agencies to enable automatic communication, while improving the efficiencies and better services to citizens and businesses.
Steve Tonks, VP of EMEA, Soprano Design

15:10 Seminars end 

Please note agenda, seminar and workshop times and speakers are subject to change